Whiskey Sour

A Whiskey Sour

A Whiskey Sour

It came to my attention earlier today that we have started moving on to the more obscure whiskey cocktails without really finishing the ‘official’ cocktails approved by the International Bartenders Association. With that in mind I was lucky enough to find one that I already had the ingredients for and I have actually never tried:- the Whiskey Sour.

Who actually invented this cocktail is a topic of some debate as it seems it appeared in the Puruvian newspaper Mercurio Peruano as well as the United States newspaper Waukesha Plaindealer at about the same time in the early 1870s. As with any cocktail not born in the modern age (as well as a lot of modern ones actually) it would be impossible to find out its definitive origins. It is also entirely possible many people came up with the same idea at the same time.

Regardless of it’s origin story, we can be relatively certain that it started life in the new world and was probably more akin to a Pisco Sour which uses a type of fortified wine rather than whiskey. Over the years there have been many other cocktails that have been based on the same premise but it is only the Pisco Sour and Whiskey Sour that have been recognised by the IBA. Suck it all other spirits!


Wanting to try it the ‘official’ IBA way, I followed the recipe to the letter

3 shot of whiskey (bourbon worked very well! Knob Creek is an awesome bourbon as a side note)
2 shots of lemon juice
1 shot of simple syrup (sugar and water)

Put all ingredients in a shaker and shake that bad boy up (with ice if you feel like it, in which case strain after!). Afterwards pour into a glass and add ice, a lemon wedge or a sugared rim to taste.

Final thought

This has actually been my second favourite of the cocktails I have looked at so far (second to a Mint Julep). The sourness of the lemon, sweetness of the sugar and general kick of the bourbon really plays nicely together, I would definitely serve this to a non whiskey drinker!

Knob Creek Rye

A bottle of Knob Creek Rye

A bottle of Knob Creek Rye


Left the review til the last minute again. Luckily today it will be on a brand I have already reviewed before :) which means less history and more whiskey enjoyment on my part!

A small bit of history

For a history of the brand as a whole please see my review on Knob Creek 9yo, as this will only be about the Rye of the same name.

In fact for the most part I would just read that review for the history of this drink as the only difference is that this is their Rye alternative created late in the reemergence of Rye as a vastly profitable product in 2012. By law this will mean it will be made with over 51% rye in the mash.

Unlike Knob Creek 9yo this one carries no age statement but as it is a Straight Rye it will have been required to be aged at least 2 years. Though the removal of ages from bottles might hurt the industry as a whole in the long run, my love of Knob Creek is too great to stay angry at them over it.

Noteworthy awards

  • 2013 Silver Medal by IWSC
  • 2013 Double Gold Medal by San Fransisco World Spirits

Taste notes

The nose is very similar to Knob Creek 9yo, very sweet and toffee like with nice nutty undertones.

The palette is the first time you will realise it is a Rye, but it is not at all overpowering, it is a tickling of rye accompanied by the oaky, vanilla and caramel undertones of a bourbon.

As the palette fades away to the finish it is met with a spicy finish with a slight orange zest and undertones of ginger.

Very much enjoyed! 😀

When I suggest drinking it

This is a Rye that tastes a lot more like a Bourbon and as such has made a special place in my heart. This is the only Rye I have actually stocked in my house for an extended period of time and is definitely worth a try if you have never tried Rye before. Use it to dip your toe in 😉